The Tri for a Cure has many first-time triathletes. To help you prepare, we have put together a comprehensive program combining information, hands-on experience, and on-the-course training that will give you the knowledge you need to prepare your mind and body for this incredible experience.

Date Clinic Place Time Cost
Wednesday, April 12 Fundraising MCF 5:30 FREE
Sunday, April 23 TRI 101 CycleMania 9AM $15
Sunday, May 21 BIKE to RUN (T2) SMCC 8:00AM $15
Sunday, May 21 RUN Preview SMCC 10:30AM $15
Wednesday, May 24 Hands-on Tire Changing CycleMania 6:00PM FREE
Wednesday, June 21 Transition - Individuals MCF 5:30PM FREE
Wednesday, June 21 Transition - Relays MCF 6:30PM FREE
Thursday, June 29 SWIM (and T1 transition) SMCC 5:30PM $15
Sunday, July 2 SWIM (and T1 transition) SMCC 5:00PM $15
Thursday, July 13 Transition - Individuals MCF 5:30PM FREE
Thursday, July 13 Transition - Relays MCF 6:30PM FREE
Sunday, July 16 Transition - Individuals MCF 9:00AM FREE
Sunday, July 16 Transition - Relays MCF 10:00AM FREE
Sunday, July 16 SWIM (and T1 transition) SMCC 2:30PM $15

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Clinic Descriptions:

TRI 101

Are you wondering,  “Oh my gosh – what did I get myself into?”  Well, no need to be asking that question.  We are here to put your mind at ease.   What do I wear, what equipment do I need,  what training is needed, what is race day like?  Answers to these and any other questions you may have will be answered.  We will have some first time participants tell you what it was like for them on race day too.  You will leave feeling good about the journey you are about to be on!

Presented by: Cyclemania and Julie Marchese, Race Director

Location: 65 Cove Street, Portland

Capacity: 50 people

Cost: $15


Join the Pink Tutu Ladies at MCF to hear ideas and tips, and ask any questions you might have regarding individual fundraising. This clinic is free but capacity is limited!

Presented by: Deb Giroux and Dana Lesniak, The Pink Tutu Ladies

Location: Maine Cancer Foundation, 170 US Route 1, Falmouth ME

Capacity: 30

Cost: Free


Bike Course Preview (T2)

Riding the Tri for a Cure Course is always great training. The better you know the course for race day, the better prepared you are.  sheJAMs along with Portland Velo Group Members will be there to lead the way! We will also practice (T2) Transition for those of you doing the event as an individual so bring your running shoes.

Presented by: Portland Velo Group and sheJAMs

Location: SMCC, Lot B

Capacity: Unlimited

Cost: $15

Run Preview

The Tri For the Cure run clinics are focused on previewing the run course.  Come on out to SMCC and run the course.   This will be a fun run.

Presented by: sheJAMs

Location: SMCC, Lot B

Capacity: Unlimited

Cost: $15

Hands On Tire Changing

Come learn from the experts on how to change your bike tire.  Bring your own bike tire, along with the tools you have to change it with.  Bring a bike tube, tire levels, CO2 cartridge.  If you don’t have those items, you can buy them at Cyclemania before the clinic.

Presented by: Cyclemania

Location: 65 Cove Street, Portland

Capacity: 30 people

Cost: FREE (but bring your own tube and CO2 cartridge)

Tri for a Cure Swim Clinics

There will be three pre on-course swim clinics held at SMCC. Open water swim expert, and Tri for a Cure Swim Coordinator, Kirsten Reed from sheJAMs & KGR Coaching, will discuss water safety, navigation and provide important swimming tips before sending waves of women into the water for a swim around the course. Trainers, race director, and volunteers will be available following the swim to answer any questions and concerns. These clinics are offered to provide women with the chance to experience an ocean swim with a group, as it will be on race day. This will be a good opportunity to practice with your wetsuit and get comfortable with the cool water temperature. We will have sheJAMs “SWIM ANGELS” available for those who need them.

All participants are encouraged to swim open water with your wetsuit several times before race day.  The clinics are a way to experience swimming with a group of 100 women in a swim wave.  This should not be your only or first time in open water.  Please be prepared, swimming in cold open water for race day take practice. 

We will practice (T1) transition – so bring your running shoes….

Presented by: Kirsten Reed, sheJAMs, and KGR Coaching

Location: SMCC, Swim Location - Spring Point Light

Capacity: Unlimited

Cost: $15

Transition Clinics

Race Director Julie Marchese will present a transition clinic in a classroom setting for Tri for a Cure Individuals and Relay Teams.  Participants will learn about transition flow, how to set up a transition station, safety and rules of transition.  RELAY TRANSITIONS HAVE CHANGED FOR 2017! Ample time will be provided for questions.  Clinic will be held for both Individuals & Relays!  FIRST TIME INDIVIDUALS AND RELAYS THIS IS A MUST!

Presented by: Julie Marchese, Race Director

Location: Maine Cancer Foundation, 170 US Route 1 in Falmouth

Capacity: 30

Cost: FREE