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"I was lucky when I was diagnosed."

"Like all cancer survivors, the reason I am called a survivor is pretty simple. Someone I have never met participated in a walk that I have never heard of somewhere in this world that I will probably never visit. That money went to a doctor that I will never know, who decided to use that money to cure my cancer. I was lucky."

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The Libby and Kerry families, the Mary's Walk Committee and all our volunteers join the Maine Cancer Foundation in thanking all of our participants, supporters and businesses for another fabulous outcome.

With your help we have raised close to $280,000 to support Maine based cancer research and patient support programs. It is truly a team and community wide effort in the fight against cancer.

Every dollar advances the cause; every step moves us closer to a cure through research. Please join us next year for the 18th Mary's Walk and Kerrymen 5K. Slancha!